Different Ways on How You Can Split a PDF

PDF editor is a handy software for people who need to compile a PDF book from information extracted in different parts of the pages that they have scanned. The default scanner software will only give you images of the document you scan. The software usually don’t have any tool that let you split the PDF so you have to look for other alternatives.

If you search online, you will find that there are many websites offering free online PDF splitters that allow you to split PDF in different ways. The problem with using these online PDF software is that they may spy on the document that you are uploading. Since you are using their service for free, they may also try to install adware on your computer to make some money. It also may not be suitable for people who are not patient and cannot wait for the PDF to be uploaded completely to the site.

There is another way to split PDF files and that is by using a command line program. The command line program can be downloaded free on many software sites. Usually, you must first create an input folder and an output folder on your C drive. This is because you have to mention the input and output folder name in the command lines. The input folder is where you put all the PDFs that you want to split while the output folder is where the split PDF documents are found.

Next, you are to open the Windows Command Prompt from the Windows menu or just press Win+R to launch it. There is a line of command code that you must enter when the command prompt appear. It will only work properly if you enter the right command code. You can easily find the example on how the command line code is to be written for splitting PDF document online on tutorial websites.

The command line is different for different programs. In the command line, you can state the page numbers that you want to extract. The command prompt window will show a message upon completion of the PDF splitting process. You can then open the output folder and check if the files have been split accordingly.

Another method is to use the print command accessed from the Google Chrome browser menu. First, you must launch Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome, you can download it for free at Google. Once it is installed, launch it and drag the PDF file into a blank page. Once you see your PDF opened in the software, click on the print icon on top.

In Pages, select the second option and enter the page number you want to split. You must use a comma to separate each page, for example, 1,3. If you want to split all into a single page PDF, select the All option. Finally, you must press the blue Save button to split the PDF.

There are also commercial third party PDF splitters that you can use to split pdf into multiple files. There are many PDF splitters – some charge monthly price like Adobe Acrobat Pro, some charge by the number of computers you can install the license. If you want to save money, you can opt for a cheap PDF splitting that might just give you the tool you need to get the job done for a one time low price.

Movavi PDF Editor allows you to select the pages from anywhere in the PDF and save them into the single PDF. To select page that is non-consecutive, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on the page that you want to split.  After that, you must press the Extract button on the right to save them into a single PDF.

The software also let you extract the important information you want in different page and make them into a new book with the blank page tool. The extract tool can extract any text, image, and form on the PDF. All editable elements can be rotated by 90 degree. The software is suitable for beginners with all the tools you need lined up on the right side bar.