Settling Down the Matter of Gaming PCs vs. Workstations

What is a Gaming PC?

A gaming PC also goes by a gaming rig or a gaming computer. It is a type of personal computer specifically designed for the purpose of playing video games. The specs of a gaming pc are generally more capable of handling video games as it comes with more computing power with components that are dedicated to improvement of performance. Its CPU has high-core processors and its video cards are generally higher in rate compared to those in a regular computer. A gaming PC can fall into one of its market range: low-end, mid-range, or high-end. Each category is denoted by the computer’s capabilities in handling the execution of computing tasks. A PC built to play video games requires so many parts and those parts come varied in price ranges. It is because of this reason that many people opt for building their own gaming PC. Some gaming pc parts that are too expensive can be substituted with something else that is less pricey. Gaming PC customization can be done personally by a person or by a manufacturer itself for more affordable sales later on.

What is a Workstation?

A workstation on the other hand is a type of computer specifically designed to handle tasks of a more technical specification. The term can refer to a computer connected to a network or a mainframe computer. A workstation is different from a regular computer in that its memory capacity, graphics, and CPU specs are so much higher that the latter. It is also more versatile in use, being able to handle multiple tasks all at once with no lagging in between. It is for this very reason that a workstation is a common staple in scientific fields as it is deemed capable of data manipulation or rendering of simulation. However, with regular computers having been built with increased capabilities, the line separating it from a workstation has become somewhat blurred.

The Main Difference between the Two

The main difference between a gaming PC and a workstation can be observed by looking at their CPU. All computers that fall under the category of a workstation employ a CPU that is way beyond any others in terms of computing power. A processor used for a CPU of a workstation can easily be way through the roof; the cost of a processor for a regular computer (including a gaming PC) is pale by comparison. Where you can simply buy pc parts to build a PC for gaming, parts for a workstation are just too much for a game enthusiast or a regular computer owner. That high price tag is a logical consequence of the job a workstation is typically relegated to. Now that this matter has been settled down, are you excited to build your own gaming PC? Reviews of AWD-IT to fully grasp what it takes to assemble a powerful PC that meets your needs. The reviews should serve as a guide for you to getting the right parts and components for your personal gaming computer that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.